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Can’t keep a blogga down

Kanye West “Gold Digger” (Diplo Final remix)

Fuck a Kanye, this song is much better without him wheezing on it. Diplo seems to be of a comparable opinion (or at least that this is better West-less). For those of you in similar boating apparatuses, check this shit out.


Annihilate me

The Psychic Paramount “Echoh Air”

The envelope, slung ninja star-style through the six people nearest to you. Get this.

Social attack

Black Tambourine “Throw Aggi Off the Bridge”

With only ten songs to their name (although albums upon albums from the members’ later projects), it’s unlikely that many bands that were predicted by B.T.’s sound would be able to claim them as a major influence. Still, they deserve a healthy dollop of credit for the ten they did leave us with. Shoe-gazing shuffling in to a deck of noise pop cassettes and getting sexed up in the process.

Th Faith Healers “Sparklingly Chime”

Get awkward and rock a lot.

Orange Juice “Consolation Prize”

What a great line to say to someone. White boy funk/blue-eyed soul of the Glasgow kind.

Ashra “Don’t Trust the Kids” 

Your ticket to the year 2023 from 1977.

Ever wonder…

Brian Eno & Robert Fripp “I’ll Come Running” (live)

Brian Eno & Robert Fripp “Baby’s On Fire” (live)

It hadn’t even occured to me to think of Briano Eno playing live, let alone with Fripp in tow. While these songs were always extraordinary, now they kick ass too. Never before has Eno’s stuff sounded so aggressive, so poppy, and so wonderfully scrappy. Fripp plays his stellar solos with unbelievable fire in his belly. Both of these should be heard immediately (bit of warning about the wankiness of “Baby’s…”)

Blow your fucking brains out

Boris “Pink” 

Not my favorite thing they’ve ever done, but it rocks like Motorhead bending over Kyuss.  That is a good thing. This record will probably make it to the States a couple years from now.

Mood to mope?

Minny Pops “Secret Story”

If the Human League would have studied New Order and Devo instead of becoming a cheeseball factory, they would have been the Minny Pops. Shit’s got a pulse, and some serious idol worship in the vocals. Not entirely typical of them on the whole, but one of their better tunes.

Shape: UK “Lola’s Theme (extended vocal mix)”

Sounds like a Monday Night Football sample with a sinfully delicious vocal hook. Brings out the diva in anyone.

Song two off of the new album

Supersilent “7.2”

One of my friends HATES it when people refer to songs like that, especially since the advent of the iPod. Not much to be done with this, then. Much more aggro than anything off 6, actually closer to Ruins. The whole record is pretty good, if much more out of bounds than its immediate predecessor.

It’s like a 22 minute scrappy fight between robots and midget rock-ninjas. Slightly more tuneful. Comes from a live DVD that acts as Supersilent’s new album. 7 has been nomintated for the Alarmprisen, comparable to the Grammy.

The glasses make the man


The Hidden Cameras “A Miracle”

If Brian Wilson was young, gay, and little more with it, he would be making songs like this. Count on shit like this to get me buying delightful t-shirts.

Les Rythmes Digitales “Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)”

Yeah, this was going to be a secret weapon track. A lot of Stewart Price’s stuff doesn’t have his name on it, but still has his distinct molding. Works great out of Madonna’s “Jump,” somehow.

What did I know?

The Vaselines “Dying For It (The Blues)”

When I heard this band freshman year it didn’t make sense — was too noisey for my taste. Couldn’t see the bubblegum sweetness under the swishy fog, it seems. Listening to this constantly will be an excellent repentence.

Killer Mike ft. Big Boi “My Chrome”

Love that this is half-Usher with a wicked, galloping beat. Best hip-hop (let’s be honest, it’s a little too light-hearted for rap) get-with-me track since Paul Wall’s “Smooth Operator.”