The glasses make the man


The Hidden Cameras “A Miracle”

If Brian Wilson was young, gay, and little more with it, he would be making songs like this. Count on shit like this to get me buying delightful t-shirts.

Les Rythmes Digitales “Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)”

Yeah, this was going to be a secret weapon track. A lot of Stewart Price’s stuff doesn’t have his name on it, but still has his distinct molding. Works great out of Madonna’s “Jump,” somehow.


2 comments so far

  1. karlkarlkarlkarl on

    Les Rythmes Digitales — real or poseur Francais? I could believe either (or they could be some very crafty Senegalese)… they lay the whole, “hey, we’re really French… like daft punk” thing on generously though not too over the top.

  2. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Definitely real French guys, even though I think they like America.

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