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Kanye West “Gold Digger” (Diplo Final remix)

Fuck a Kanye, this song is much better without him wheezing on it. Diplo seems to be of a comparable opinion (or at least that this is better West-less). For those of you in similar boating apparatuses, check this shit out.


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  1. Michael B Quinn, Esq. on

    I felt the need to state that this is, without a doubt, the dumbest “remix” that I have ever heard in my life. That’s not hyperbole. No talent was required to make it and, therefore, I now have permission to punch all of you in the face (sorry, Steve).

    P.S. – AWFUL

  2. Michael B Quinn, Esq. on

    I should add that I’ve enjoyed a song or two from this blog up to this point. With that said, this really is “music” that takes no talent to make.

    Fruity Loops + 12 pack of Natty Light = this abomination


  3. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Quinn, you so crazee! Check the edit.

  4. Michael B Quinn, Esq. on

    I love you.

  5. chelvis on

    Kanye is pretty crappy. He rhymes “now” with “now” over and over in his latest song. What’s interesting is when rappers will say the same word over and over at the end of a verse, but will start to rhyme the word that comes before the last word, like:

    ………………….. WordA WordB
    ……………………WordthatrhymeswithWordA WordB
    ……………………AnotherWordthatrhymeswithWordA WordB
    ……………………ADifferentWordthatrhymeswithWordA WordB

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