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Everyone wins in the black market


WhoMadeWho “Kick Out the Chairs” (ft. James Murphy & Nancy Wang) [originally played by Munk]
For childish reasons (which I’m sticking to, unless I see him in person), James Murphy is a dickhead in my book. And it brings me a chuckle when someone (WhoMadeWho, in this case) out-does anything dude’s involved in. Rump-shaking like the Jackson Five with Murphy and Wang (of LCD Soundsystem as well) toasting on top. With bright, pristine horns this would be an instant classic. Feel free to replay it again.

Kavinsky “Testarossa Nightdrive”

If I had to guess, I’d say the guy either loves rolling on e and going off or used to love rolling on e and going off. Intense either way.


Dance like you’re bursting out yer mom’s uterus.

Freedom Power “Sigla RP”

Mirot & Lash “Rash”

Two tracks off of Stroboscopica Vol 2-70’s Psychofunk Jazzy Beats for Erotic Thrilling Fiction, a Italian take on sweaty, slinky jazz-funk. Comp. features Ennio Morricone, too.

Glaxo Babies “Shake (The Foundations)”

This record started off as a very promising original disco-punk record, then sputtered out into looser and much less interesting (or well-informed) jazz-noise experimentation. This last track on the record redeems things a bit, sounding like a Factory Records band trying really hard to be Motown disco outfit. Doesn’t sweat as hard, though.

Coke and gasoline cola

Kato Hideki, Ikue Mori, & Fred Frith “Prophecy”

The spooky rides at Disney are meant to give you a thrill. Death Ambient by Kato Hideki, Ikue Mori, & Fred Frith is like the soundtrack to said rides if their goal was to scare riders straight. Goes well as a skewer in a Peter Brotzmann martini.

Pick yer’ poison

The Melvins “Copache” & “Hag Me”

Decimating a path for Boris and Sleep, The Melvins redefined heavy in a way we’ve come to expect of our bands today. Here are two of the most earth-shattering from Houdini and another two from earlier album, Gluey Porch Treatments.

The Melvins “Big As Mountain” & “Happy Grey Or Black”

Try to keep your eyes wide

Devo “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

Because sometimes Jagger’s swagger is a little too fluid, too smooth peanut butter for your teeth set on-edge. Something that wriggles as your jaws sink in. Still brilliant to dance to.