Dance like you’re bursting out yer mom’s uterus.

Freedom Power “Sigla RP”

Mirot & Lash “Rash”

Two tracks off of Stroboscopica Vol 2-70’s Psychofunk Jazzy Beats for Erotic Thrilling Fiction, a Italian take on sweaty, slinky jazz-funk. Comp. features Ennio Morricone, too.

Glaxo Babies “Shake (The Foundations)”

This record started off as a very promising original disco-punk record, then sputtered out into looser and much less interesting (or well-informed) jazz-noise experimentation. This last track on the record redeems things a bit, sounding like a Factory Records band trying really hard to be Motown disco outfit. Doesn’t sweat as hard, though.


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  1. jenny loo whoo on

    gayyyy. a whole bag of gay thats what this is. yeah.

  2. jenny loo whoo on

    whats under that woool cap eh?

  3. jenny loo whoo on


  4. jenny loo whoo on

    ummm chestnuts roasting on an open fire! jackfrost nipping on your nose!

  5. jenny loo whoo on

    11:03 yeah that time..

  6. Austin on

    I think this website suits the public perfectly……I just love the photo of the…….well whatever it is it is a work of art! I use the website often and would like to make a new layou for you guys! Please email me for future layouts!!! I agree with what Jennifer had said it is a whole bag of gay!!!! But in a good way!!! 🙂

  7. jenny loo whoo on


  8. jenny loo whoo on

    come on i want Austins comment! stop being sexist and post it for that boy 🙂

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