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If it’s all the same to you

Linda Perhacs “Parrallelograms”

Mystery woman one of two recorded a single album (this song being the title cut) that sounds like Joni Mitchell with Espers as her backing band and acid-dosers. Chilled out in a mildly drowsy way, with overdubs hazily floating in the air. are the codeine haze bouncing off your body. Nearly three minutes in, Perhac’s words disappears into a thicket of slightly eeiry chimes and rattles. Then… well, I won’t ruin it. A fine talent who I’m gonna do a little more searching for.

Inner Space w/ Rosy “Kamera Song”

A number of writers have written about the single this B-side came from, and most of them do a far better job than I could. So I’ll just say that Inner Space is the band Can was before they got lost in packaging plant; and if The Velvet Underground & Nico had more sunshine and a German twist, it might sound like this. (Mystery woman dos Rosy Rosy does a decent Nico, just with more desire to live). Icy hot!


Who let this guy in the band?

TV On the Radio “Tonight”

This is disappointing. TVOTR started as a promising band, only to shed its best qualities with each successive release. “Tonight” is from their as-of-yet untitled second LP, and it bears little resemblence to the albums that preceded it. Starting with a pulse-setting and simplistic drum machine beat, it quickly quadruples in size. Clattering percussion in a vaguely afrobeat pattern is joined by fuzzy guitar lines in the song’s background and a surprisingly dubby bass line. One of the band’s members—difficult to say who with the new members— uncomfortably warbles lyrics that make the only link back to the group’s origins. (Does anyone else think the chorus could easily turn into “Who Stopped the Rain” by C.C.R.?) I’m sure the group likes passing the mic around, but they might want to have Tunde pinch hit for this fella. The song’s shining moment, being its dischord guitar freakouts, gets overshadowed by the group’s painful howling gang vocals.

As the song draws to a close with the same simplistic drum beat, I can’t help but think back to the Young Liars EP and sigh. I used to have confidence in TV On the Radio–almost to a fault–that they could lead the future of music. And as much as I respect the band’s decision to rework their sound (I imagine it’s difficult to keep this band going one direction very long), they sound more bound to a hip Brooklyn basement than ever.

Edit: There’s info going around that says this track is unmastered. At least that explains some of the interesting choices made in the mix…. It’s also supposedly the least indicative of the new album’s sound. Here’s hoping.

Give it a year

Cansei de Ser Sexy┬á “Let’s Make Love”

I usually don’t hype on new bands, but I’m going to make an exception. This Brazilian band is going to get huge; you’re just going to have to trust me on this one. Especially, ESPECIALLY if this is their single. Look for their album on Sub Pop this summer.

Make them dance, make them dance

Picture from this site.

Defunkt “In The Good Times”

Sound familiar from anywhere?

Fix your brows, they sagging

Photo by Giampaolo Macorig

Whole mess ‘o songs to dig on.

Lamp Of the Universe “What Love Can Bring”
Celestial Choir “Stand On the Word” (Larry Levan remix)
Ebo Taylor Jr. & Wuta Wazuri “Mondo Soul Funky”
Musica Transonica “Degenerate”
The Outlaw Four “Million Dollar Legs”

Bonus? Pissed Jeans “I’m Sick”

In my daddy’s car

Picture by Dasketch

2066 And Then “At My Home” & “Butterking”

Could you imagine Rod Stewart strutting around in front of King Crimson? How about lacing his gravel on velvet voice between the flute stabs of Jethro Tull? The only other thing I know about this band is that their 1972 record Reflections on the Future (similar to Herr Schuster’s “recent future” theory) is badass and totally bloated beyond capacity. It almost feels like it could be a fucking triple album.