If it’s all the same to you

Linda Perhacs “Parrallelograms”

Mystery woman one of two recorded a single album (this song being the title cut) that sounds like Joni Mitchell with Espers as her backing band and acid-dosers. Chilled out in a mildly drowsy way, with overdubs hazily floating in the air. are the codeine haze bouncing off your body. Nearly three minutes in, Perhac’s words disappears into a thicket of slightly eeiry chimes and rattles. Then… well, I won’t ruin it. A fine talent who I’m gonna do a little more searching for.

Inner Space w/ Rosy “Kamera Song”

A number of writers have written about the single this B-side came from, and most of them do a far better job than I could. So I’ll just say that Inner Space is the band Can was before they got lost in packaging plant; and if The Velvet Underground & Nico had more sunshine and a German twist, it might sound like this. (Mystery woman dos Rosy Rosy does a decent Nico, just with more desire to live). Icy hot!


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