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I only care what the people say

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1619 Bad Ass Band “Where Do I Go From Here?” & “Just For You”

Another band I know nothing of but got my hands on randomly. The group put out a self titled album in 1977, the A side of which sounds like Funkadelic, but too soggy to have much of a punch. The B side starts out much stronger, with the group’s lady vocalist stepping up where their froggy man vocalist could not reach. “Where Do I Go” is a Carpenters cover, I believe, (Petula Clark, maybe?) and it’s treated well; thinner (oops?) instrumentally, significantly more soulful. The latter track is a little more flush, tasteful string arrangements filling the aural bowl closer to the top. If only the drumming patterns would switch up a little…


Soft pink irony

Surely someone else out there is laughing with me at LL Cool J’s new song (w/Riff Anything fave Lloyd Banks), called “Keep It On the Low.” L, you’re not relevant enough any more to bother with the closet. Fuck your bros in public and start playing the stock market.