His neighbors, their problems

Do you know much film has been spent on Frank Zappa’s screw-loose genius antics? Because I always get caught watching YouTube at work, I did not. Here Zappa pals around with Monkee Michael Nesmith in an a switcheroo bonding scene — car demolition is a must. Here is the first part of an entire concert in Stockholm in 1973, wherein the keyboardist Ian Underwood destroys the stage with thwacks of noise and malfunction blues. Or, predate his fame and watch him on the Steve Allen show, abusing bicycles to make music. I’m going to let you figure that out, and witness Allen drop some tension re: Asia.

I read in an AMG bio saying Talulah Gosh was so shambling, that oftentimes live shows would be interrupted by equipment falling apart in their hands. Now from the looks of them, they weren’t losing their shit on stage. Their Backwash collection really hits the light music munchies spot. Adorable without being cutesy, hazy without laziness, Talulah Gosh reminds me of the JAMC without their spiny casing and a happier outlook. Here’s “Just a Dream” and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Thank God)”

Clipse & Slim Thug is an insanely great idea; why did it take so long to put this together? “What It Do, Wamp Wamp” is cavorting covert joint popping eyeballs with steel drum ensembles and Eastern vibes. With lyrics flying like guided missles and someone just beating the shit out of their drums, this hard and heavy single could blow up quick if played in the right places. And Hell Hath No Fury? Things are looking good.

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