Die Princess Die, “Lions Eat Lions”

Die Princess Die: Lions Eat Lions

A cursory listen to Lions Eat Lions, the second full-length by Los Angeles noise punks Die Princess Die, might give audiences the impression they don’t give a shit, they just wanna make some eardrums crackle. Drawing from a palate of grating, semi-tonal sound, DPD grasp tight and ride each note into the ground several times per track. Sometimes they bounce to post-punk’s snap together beat; sometimes it’s as simple as pummeling microphones into the ground. After a handful of spins, Lions reveals itself to be a more calculated and self-aware. The guitarists coerce their instruments to grind through notes like industrial sanders, or to be flung around throwing knife style. Though the bassist’s rumble often seems to be space-filler (his rubbery melody on “Young Lady, Your Tail is Showing” notwithstanding), it’s easy to miss the subtly shifting low end, lending menacing color to the band’s work. When taken with liberal amounts of their drummer’s technical skills and lack of ego, DPD sound nightmarishly wicked. The middle section of “Sport” is balls out carnage, limbs flailing, a last ditch effort to harm. Album opener “Check” is nearly as relentless and twice as rhythmic. And “Roar of 84” re-imagines The Melvins as wiry post-punkers thrumming on uppers. Die Princess Die stumbles a bit on the minor key melodrama of whiner “The Racer,” and the short slash and burn tracks “Lights of the Night” and “Spearhorse” are too intimately familiar with Liars first two albums. Die Princess Die still get hung up on the barbs of rote post-punk; but the lacerating sound of Lions Eat Lions smacks of potential, as well as the desire to keep thrusting their vision into listeners’ ears.

Audio: Die Princess Die, “Shake” 


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