Now wait a minute

Now that Flosstradamus is seeing more ink and MTV airtime, the launch pad is set for literal sister act, uh, Kid Sister. The current rocket on the docket is “Damn Girl,” a brief and bubbly jaunt produced by DJ wunderkind A-Trak. This one might be a more useful for doing the robot than the bump and grind that “Let Me Bang” lent itself to. Retro futuristic synth lines gush and dive around Sis, who lets out a characteristically hyper flow. Excited to spit, her words occasionally get tripped up in a lack of enunciation. However, she’s the only rapper I know to use the word “vestibule” and refer to “’mo’s” in a non-phobic manner – all in the same song no less. The track gets its name from its stuttering Too $hort sample from “Bossy” (“damn girl / don’t hurt ‘em”), which perfectly evokes an 80’s vibe and the commanding theme of “Bossy” at the same time. And really, it’s hard not to love a song that references Green Velvet’s “Percolator.” With more careful rhyme-pacing and continued stellar production, Kid Sister could easily push the whole Flosstradamus extended family into the spotlight.


Audio: Kid Sister, “Damn Girl”


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