Can you ride

Photo by LJ_moutaintops

Les Razilles Denudes, “Field of Artificial Flowers”

Ut, “Hotel”

Palais Schaumburg, “Sprung Über vier pferde”

Data MC, “U Live Forever” (Phonique illest remix)

Egyptian Lover, “Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)”


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  1. Astronaldo on

    shit, $58 bar tab, why not? You’d be amazed at how much free high-baller bourbon you can get at a bar while not watching the parenthetical girls. One of those “walked on my feet but I’ll leave there on my back” situations. Seemed like the right thing to do… ya know, you can’t argue with which way the wind blows you – that would just be foolish. Beat Kitchen, it is a happening place for that kind of crowd. And Light Polishfare, I finally got 86’ed for brandishing a broken highball glass and screaming in their drummer’s face “I’LL CHASE YOU DOWN LIKE A RAT ACROSS THE TUNDRA AND RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!!”… or something to that effect. Honestly though, they weren’t the worst Polish drinking band I’ve ever seen but that accordian player didn’t even look Polish. And there was this one low-rent north side hipster skank named Kirsten that was trying to mount my knee, it was quite unbecoming of a lady.

  2. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Every word of that was genius. I’m also pleased with your choice of link.

  3. Karl on

    click link
    live reviews
    parenthetical girls/lp beat kitchen 11/7/06


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