Pyrite, “Iron Soul Fight”

Though Iron Soul Fight may be considered a demo, Chicago trio Pyrite has the well defined sound of a much older band. Featuring ex-members of The Boyfriends and Peralta, Pyrite attack their tunes with off-kilter accuracy like The Minutemen and incorporate looming, less traditional arrangements like the ones found on Wire’s Chairs Missing. The combination of tight instrumentalism and a desire to avoid post-punk clichés is as refreshing as a handful of ice cubes stuffed down your shorts. Brandon Bayles’ thick bass tone provides melodic color for guitarist Mike Green to scrape away at with brusque, disjointed riffs. Iron quickly shifts from the pointed thrash of “Arrest That Cop” to the spacious opening of “Air Show,” which roars to life during the punchy chorus. “Automatic Drip” is about as “normal” as Pyrite gets – a tight jam that makes Joe Jackson ache for his good ol’ days. As the demo closes with the brilliant and unusually hook-filled “Rocket to Rock Bottom,” it’s easy to see that Chicago has another ace act on its hands that is not to be slept on.


Pyrite, “Rocket to Rock Bottom”


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  1. geoff on

    thanks for the nice write up about our band. feel free to contact us if you want to get into any of our shows for free. we’ll even buy you a soda or two. thanks.

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