25% of Americans believe Jesus comes back in 2007

Seriously, this is some fucked up shit.

Revl9n, “Walking Machine” (SebastiAn remix)

Troy Pierce, “25 Bitches” (Gaiser’s Too Many Bitches Makeover)

Michael & Janet, “Scream” (Boody B bootleg)

Stereotyp, “Take the Weight”

Happy New Year, y’all. Thanks to my friend Chris for help with this post.


3 comments so far

  1. Baby Jebus on

    … I predict a 25% increase in preaching in 2007.

  2. elmo on

    do you think we’ll reconize him do you think he’ll be hot or not he could come back in to secons or what if their really isnt a jesus or a god how do thows crack jobs even know what really happend knowbody realy knows but if he or sombody could tell me that would be awsome paferably him i wouldent belive you

  3. boody b on

    lovelove for posting my bootleg! xoxo – boodyb


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