Slim fit

Alex Smoke, “Prima Materia”

Frank Martiniq, “Boost” (Robag Wruhme remix)

The Glimmers, “Time 4 Action” (Padded Cell remix)

For the time being I’m going to have to offer fewer tracks per post, as my posting is out-pacing the growth of my collection. I’d also like to note that I recently started writing for the always wunderbar Resident Advisor. Not sure when my first review will be up, but I’ll be linking each in case you’d like to read them. And finally, I’ve started to list some of the better techno events sweeping through Chicago in the coming months on the sidebar. After what felt like an absolute dearth of worthwhile shows, Chicago is getting a few months of highly anticipated acts; let’s hope it keeps up.


2 comments so far

  1. rachel on

    oh my oh my, alex smoke notwithstanding, where did that image come from? i love it. thank you! -rachel

  2. littlewhiteearbuds on

    You’re very welcome. I can’t remember where I found it, to be honest, but the artist’s pseudonym is Divine Error if that helps at all. Thanks for reading!

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