Pay your bills on time

Elektrochemie, “Mucky Star”

Swat Squad, “Bauhaus”

Raganova, “Like 2007”

Nuno Canavarro, “Wask”

Thanks to my good friend Tyler for help with this post. I also wanted to thank one of my favorite critics/writers, Sasha Frere-Jones for linking LWE. It means a lot!


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  1. joe on


    01. tractile – remix 2 (troy pierce remix)
    02. marc houle – turtle feet
    03. hearthrob – thrill
    04. tractile – ardorant (marc houle remix)
    05. barem – link
    06. gaiser – breathe there
    07. troy pierce – right on time
    08. tractile – soda cola
    09. jpls – red09
    10. marc houle – does your car speak
    11. hearthrob – formation face
    12. troy pierce – lost on the way to dc10 (london remix)
    13. model 8 – lemon 8 (troy pierce remix)

    Richie Hawtin : Kontakt RTW

    you proberly have this already ….but if you dont check it its a nice mix from hawtin

  2. joe on

    i forgot to put the link in :/

    [audio src="" /]

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