I don’t know if I really get the idea of charts, but here’s a list of tunes/albums I liked most in January (in order of memory):

01. Pink Grease, “Carlights” (Cajuan remix) [Horny energy incarnate]
02. MVS1 – Troy Pierce vs Heartthrob / Gaiser & Heartthrob [Review forthcoming on RA]
03. Nathan Fake, “Outhouse” (Valentino Kanzyani remix) [From beginning rippling stutter to eventual epic melody: intense]
04. KC Accidental, “Is And Of The” [Float in the jetstream; thanks, sweetie!]
05. The Chromatics, In Shining Violence [Credit to Birth School Work Death for turning me onto this; still thinking]
06. Panther, “How Well Can You Swim?” [One of the few times a dude singing like Christina Aguilera is a good thing]
07. Burial, Burial [Totally missed the ’06 bus on this one, still catching up]
08. Silicone Soul, “The Unforgiven Dub” [Deep deep deep/steep steep steep!]
09. Black Devil Disco Club, 28 Later [Another missed connection of ’06; as essential as its predecessor]
10. The Klaxons,”Golden Skans” [A marzipan laser pointer through the ears. Erol Alkan remix review also forthcoming]
11. Martin Buttrich, “Well Done” [Tech-house with acid frosting? I’ll take two and a Serafin remix, thanks]
12. Thomas Heckmann & Andreas Kauffelt, “Stylophonic” [Cheers to Ronan for pointing and handing this out. A.F.U.!]
13. Daft Punk, “Musique” (Lounge version) [Good to revisit the basics from time to time]
14. Deerhoof, Friend Opportunity [You would think they would run out of excellent ideas by now, but um, nope]
15. Âme, “Rej” (A Hundred Birds remix) [So this is what modern classical music should sound like?]


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