Comfortable For You, “My Entire Life Is a Lie”

Even though they had already decided to break up after three years on the scene, San Diego band Comfortable For You had one last release in them yet. The result was My Entire Life Is a Lie, a six song EP that finds the group going out at the top of their game. CFU’s aggressive, post-hardcore sound most resembles another defunct San Diego group, Drive Like Jehu; but their rapidly shifting riffs also call to mind Fugazi, Refused, and even AFI at times. Two guitarists craft precise air-strikes of limber, stop-start progressions and thick riffs, joined by agile drum kit work and dirty bomb bass attacks. Guitarist Steve Peart’s enraged screams and no less impassioned vocals add to the already tense atmosphere CFU created instrumentally, though the tone he creates is vastly superior to the words launched from his lips. While CFU wouldn’t have won any awards for stunning originality, their hold on the post-hardcore torch was strong. In fact, the only complaint one could muster of My Entire Life is its brevity. Fans of CFU’s aforementioned inspirations should track down this EP, relive the glory days and start mourning the loss of another great band they never got to see.


Comfortable For You, “Nah, My Name Is Clarence”

Comfortable For You, “Sonny Jim”


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