Matthew Dear in Chicago tonight

Tonight Matthew Dear is djing at the plush train car of a club known as Sonotheque, which has my friends and me fairly excited. One thing I haven’t gathered is whether he’s spinning as himself or Audion [Update: a timely Spectral bulletin on Myspace tells me this is an Audion set]. Not sure if the name would make a difference, but either way I’m holding out for a set less techy and sterile than the Audion Fabric mix. It looks like I’ll be taking more pictures for Pitchfork, too, so keep an eye out for those. In honor of his pending performance, here are a couple of my favorite Matthew Dear/Audion tunes:

Matthew Dear, “And In the Night”

Audion, “Just A Man”


3 comments so far

  1. joe on

    Audion tonight how lucky!!! i never seen him live heard good things though i like the and in the night track never heard that one before

    im off to see damian lazarus n pier bucci live this weekend should be good

  2. Audion on

    saw him at The Metro as Matthew Dear, he was boring and couldn’t beatmatch for shit on Serato. I think as Audion he does a live set, so tonight could be different.

  3. littlewhiteearbuds on

    He did seem a bit beat-match challenged at Pitchfork Fest where I saw him last. He should just use Traktor like me and take most of the skill out of it!

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