I found the simple life ain’t so simple

Some snaps I took from last night’s Audion set just went up on Pitchfork. The vibe at Sonotheque was fantastic — lots of people very happy about being clubbed to death with chunky, minimal beats. Matthew played an excellent set that matched, if not surpassed the last time I saw him spin. Also had the chance to meet Travis, who writes for More Cowbell and is a lovely guy who really knows his shit when it comes to techno. Many thanks to my friend Joe for his help with this post.

Tracey Thorn, “It’s All True” (Martin Buttrich remix)

The Field, “The Deal”

John Spring, “Strange”

MFSB, “Love Is the Message” (Francois K remix)


2 comments so far

  1. Tyler on

    i wanted to give you a heads-up on what i thought of the piece..

    you’re a good writer, jane..

    ‘atta girl.

  2. joe on

    Good pics of Audion & thankyou so much for the john spring track i got some nice tracks you might like il hit you up on myspace

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