My first feature for Resident Advisor — a sort of “What’s Lindstrøm up to in 2007?” — went up this morning, which I’m quite excited about. Expect more of these sorts of features in the coming months.

I recently received a mix set from reader from Portugal who goes by the alias of Stuart. It’s an exhaustive French Touch/electro rock set leaning a little heavy on Justice that fits neatly in the iPods of SebastiAn/Guns ‘N’ Bombs fans. I’d be interested to know where else this sound is rattling teeth loose and making los ellos bailan.

Download Stuart’s mix, “Molotov”.


Does It Offend You, Yeah?, “We Are Rockstars”
Justice, “Waters of Nazareth” (John Reeden remix)
Kavinsky, “Testarrossa Autodrive” (SebastiAn remix)
Goodbooks, “Leni” (Kissy Sell Out remix)
Moulinex, “Salt”
Xinobi, “Turbonegro’s Lesson”
Justice, “Let There Be Light” (DJ Discrete mix)
Trashtalk, “Tankgirl”
Hystereo, “Validity Revision”
Franz & Shape, “Countach”
Digitalism, “Zdarlight (Paranoid Asteroid)”
Depeche Mode, “Never Let Me Down Again” (Digitalism remix)
Yuksek, “Composer”
Vitalic, “Candy”
Passions, “Emergency”
Toxic Avenger, “Kissin the Remix”


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  1. Rpinto on

    STUART!!!! You go boy, great set.

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