Built from your backs up

A handful of the grocery stores in my area are closing down; from the looks of it, I’ll only have one small produce store within walking distance any more. These aren’t Mom & Pop shops either, we’re talking large chain stores just shutting down whole sections of Chicago stores. I guess the overriding reason was simple: they weren’t turning enough profit. It makes sense to shutter what’s not profitable, I suppose, but how much profit do you suppose is needed? What does a shareholder need to be satisfied?

Aril Brikha, “Winter”

Faze Action, “A Day To Go”

Mathew Jonson, “Return of the Zombie Bikers”

My review of Swat Squad’s new single with Alecs Marta, “Speak In Silver,” is up here. Other recommended reading: Phil Sherburne did a fantastic feature for eMusic with Bernard Fevre, or whoever did the music for Black Devil Disco Club. Make sure to check that out.


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  1. joe on

    Matthew jonson is the MAN! he put a bulletin out saying that he has finished the album & it will be out in june or july ….something to look forward to i think …Anyway thanks for the music mate!

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