Which way did you come out?

Art by Jen Stark

Misstress Barbara, “Barcelona” (original mix)

Tony Rohr, “Db’s Revenge” (Camea remix)

Chic, “Happy Man”

Laurent Garnier, “Sweet Mellow D”

Château Flight, “Baltringue”

Thanks to Joe for his .mp3 birthday present!


5 comments so far

  1. David Balogh on

    Starting to dig your site a bit, I haven’t fully taken advantage of the MP3s, but a couple. Good chunk of my style though! I did want to comment however, pictures like the one used in this post should be linked to the artist (in this cae Jen Stark, who makes some mighty fine pieces!). Cheers!

  2. littlewhiteearbuds on

    A definite good point. A lot of the pictures I find don’t have a name attached, so I can’t credit them accurately. If you look back a bit you’ll see I’ve made efforts to credit artists I could identify. Thanks for bringing Jen Stark to my attention.

  3. tooli on

    Hey ! Love your posts and thanx for having us on your blogroll, we´ll add you of course.

  4. NvW... on

    hey man, love your blog, just wondering if you could re-post mistress barbara, or even send me a personal link…


  5. liam on

    please fire up a way to put out the Baltringue song again please, i missed the DL earlier

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