Sign on the dotted line

Normally I wouldn’t mention this site’s traffic; I’m much more focused on writing and tunes than on something like hits. Here’s your but: Yesterday LWE received over a thousand page views in a 24 hour span. I’m amazed there are that many people whose tastes and Internet habits bump into my spheres of interest. But with the advent of aggregators like Hype Machine, Digg,, Technorati and the always helpful Google Blog Search, our searches are more precisely attuned to our interests and connecting with otherwise unknown but no less hardworking writers/bloggers/artists and their work is more likely. Say what you want about the blogging age — your chance of having your voice heard is greater, for better or worse. For that, I have to share my excitement. Thanks for reading; I hope you stick around and enjoy the tunes.

Trentemøller, “An Evening With Bobi Bros”

Tomas Jirku, “Pohádka” [from Thomas Brinkmann’s, Tour De Traum]
Pole, “Achterbahn”

Sebo K, “Too Hot” (Shyza Minelli’s Queen of Reverb remix)

Pan Sonic, “Painovoima (Gravity)”

Also, my review of Lopazz’s new single, “Share My Rhythm” on Get Physical, is now up on Resident Advisor.


9 comments so far

  1. Riq on

    Page visits, or unique visits? Just curious.

  2. Riq on

    Er. I meant page views.

  3. andre on

    essentially, you’ve good taste. that’s why we’re here. good work..
    come and have a go/look at it’s quite interactive. see you around..

  4. joe on

    Congrats on the blog stats your writing & music is some of the best on blogger ! im surprised more people dont hit the page.

  5. littlewhiteearbuds on

    It’s actually page views, I’ve realized.

  6. vagrant on

    1000 page veiws in a day sounds quite good to me
    (a know nuffin non blogger)
    Suspect you are not interested in dominating the
    blog charts anyhow – rather gathering together a smallish
    group of likeminded types with which to communicate yah?

    Found your site via google blog search by the way – result!

  7. tre' (trevor) d (dawg) gangsta (gangsturrrrrr) on

    Sup Brutha,
    congrats on the milestone and thanks for the reading material to break the otherwise mind-numbing routine of my work day!

  8. Tyler on

    yay congrats!

  9. Alex on

    Thank You

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