All I wanna do is ride around shining

Finally finished my review of Lars Behrenroth and Ripperton’s new split single on Liebe*Detail, which is now up on RA. For some reason my writing process has slowed to a crawl, so I only get a paragraph or two per night. I must need a brain lube job or something, maybe some sudoku puzzles, anything to relax my cramped mind. And then there’s booze to lay off…

Arthur Russell, “Instrumentals – 1974 Volume 1, Track 4” [Rough Trade UK]

Jacek Sienkiewicz, “Six Feet Above” [Recognition]

Mr. Fingers, “Stars” [Jack Trax]

Carsten Jost, “Krokus/Elmenreich” (Stewart Walker remix) [Dial]


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  1. the ghost of Astronaldo on

    There’s no such thing as laying off booze. It is a lifestyle choice – just like being gay.

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