Man the decks

Don’t let the flier fool you: This will be no hipster mass, the number of pajama print hoodies will be at a minimum and Sparks will not be served. The WLUW Record Fair is a bi-annual fund raiser, my third as a DJ. My friend Tyler and I plan on playing music to psyche you up about that Japanese-only import Beatles record you won’t find anywhere else within eyeshot (check the other rooms). With the record buying public as our audience, the set is going to be light on straight up electronic music; with the gear provided (2 CD decks [not CDJs] and a mixer) the mixing is going to be a little rough but no less enthusiastic in getting you from jam to jam. If you’re in Chicago, I encourage you to rouse yourself from bed early enough to catch our set; you can even get $2 off with this flier. Thanks to my friend Bob I’ll be able to post the set on Monday.

Guy Gerber, “X-Factor” [Saw Recordings]

Porter Ricks, “Port of Nuba” [Chain Reaction]

The KLF vs Ricardo Villalobos, “What Time Is Love?” (Veto Retro Mix #2) [Blaou Sounds]


3 comments so far

  1. Not Tyler on


  2. Chris on

    Hey! Great blog thang. The record store is practically my back yard so i’ll be there and can’t wait to hear ya’lls musica

  3. NB on

    Hey! Can you reupload the KLF tune please and pm me? Great post/bog as ever

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