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Move D, “Anne Will” (My My remix) [Liebe Detail Spezial]

Superpitcher, “Mushroom” [Kompakt]

Fan Erhalder, “Ion Water” [Geilomat Records]


Sit a spell

Suffice it to say, DEMF was an incredible experience. I’ll be doing a large write up shortly; but for now, just some tracks.

Paul Ritch, “Just Give Some” [Resopal Schallware]

Rekleiner, “The State of Things” [Connaisseur Supérieur]

Marc Marzenit, “Trozitos de Navidad” (Primavera remix) [Paradigma Musik]

Wash up before dinner

Photo by Stephan Tuengler

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be leaving for Detroit so you kids be good until I get home. No comment bombing the blog roll or anything. Will return on Tuesday as tired as the above sleepyhead, so posting is iffy until Wednesday or so. Here are some goodies to savor in the meantime.

Stephan Bodzin, “Turbine” [Herzblut Recordings]

Donato Dozzy, “Gol” [Dozzy Records]

Ink & Needle, “Number One” []

Mike Ink, “Playing With Knives” [Kompakt Extra]

Guy J & Sahar Z, “Hazui” (Gui Boratto remix) [Electribe Records]

Mobilee Showcase tonight in Chicago

There are a few fantastic shows to go to this weekend if you’re in Chicago and not escaping to the DEMF (like me). Tonight we have the Mobilee Showcase, featuring the above mentioned artists at Vision Nightclub. On Friday, catch Jesse Rose at Smart Bar or Monolake at the Empty Bottle — either of which is bound to be quality. As if that wasn’t enough to keep most electronic fans broke, Alexander Robotnick performs live at rednofive on Saturday. And just for kicks, here are a couple tracks from some of these artists to get you in the mood to enjoy what Chicago has to offer.

Pan-Pot, “Black Dog” (Jesse Rose remix) [Mobilee]

Exercise One, “Debaya” [Mobilee]

Itch you must scratch

Amox & Atle, “A Witch Kiss” (Ink & Needle remix) [Tic Tac Toe Records]

Króm, “Painting Textures” [Mikrolux]

Brendon Moeller, “Jazz” [Third Ear Recordings]

Anyone going to or interested in the Detroit Electronic Music Festival should check out RA’s fest and after party preview, to which I contributed.

Crumbling mumbles

Rekid, “Next Stop Chicago” (Jesse Rose remix) [Rekids]

Leftfield, “Space Shanty” [Columbia Recs]

Sleeparchive, “Papercup” [Sleeparchive]

Dishes stack up

Picture by LJ Wahlee365

Simon Baker, “Plastik” [Infant Records] (thanks to BSWD; removed by request)

Water Lilly, “Misfit Fuzz” [Mental Groove Records]

Paul Kalkbrenner, “Gebrünn Gebrünn” [BPitch Control]

Also, check out the new Simon Baker RA podcast, up now.

Trainspotting your modern dance recital

Undo, “No Matter Where You Are We Are Together” (Donato Dozzy & Modern Heads Remix) [Factor City Records]

Alter Ego, “Satanic Circus” [Klang Electronik]

Marcel Dettmann, “A Req” (T++ Remix) [Marcel Dettmann Records]

My review of Jona’s likely hit single, The Evidence EP, took on many forms before finally reaching its current state. It also started a full point higher and included more glowing praise; realizing just how much like Booka Shade “Smart Cats Vs Dumb Dogs” sounds helped me put it into perspective. Still (and for that reason), I can imagine quite a few dance floors going mental for its strong Get Physicalized hook.

Also, Holger Czukay recently announced (ok, earlier this month) release dates for some choice rereleases: Movies, Clash, and Time & Tide will reach shelves June 15th.

Are we working our young stars to death?

Art by Todd Schorr

Lady Sovereign has had a rough go of being a promotional tool for a major label. Sickness, exhaustion, same old shit every day for two years. Lily Allen, too. Britney Spears has a whole nation breathing down her back for the last three, maybe four years? Don’t big name artists pay anyone to look out for their well-being? Oh, that’s right — their agents. I know this doesn’t necessarily mean an entire trend can be based on these three individuals. But celebrity has screwed up many a famous person, and these days it’s a much more public and somehow accepted affair. It’s almost like we’ve accepted that gaining celebrity status is going to exacerbate any potential weaknesses an individual has, or create new ones.

Trust me, no tears will be shed on the subject from this end, but it’s simultaneously fascinating and disgusting that attaining a certain status which so many seek can be hugely destructive to someone’s life. Someday I’ll write a really depressing book about this and then hopefully get well enough known to have some sort of inane scandal and fall from grace. Anything to prove a point, right?


Close Up Over, “Caz” [Wax Tracks!, TVT]

Balil, “3/4 Heart” [Wax Tracks!, TVT]

Before the preening gets out of hand

Voltique, “Bottom” [Love Triangle Music] (Ikea boy, you’re always on point)

Monolake, “Ice” [Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music]

Tony Allen, “Ole” (Moritz Von Oswald remix) [Honest Jon’s Records]

Alexander Robotnik, “The Dark Side of the Spoon” (Original mix) [Crème Organization]