Pocket dials at midnight

Ambivalent, “Bunt” [M_nus]

Larry Heard, “Night Images” (Swayzak remix) [Mecca Recordings]

Daniel Stefanik, “Missing Summer” [Cargo Edition]

Pet Shop Boys, “Sodom” (Trentemøller remix) [Parlophone Records]


6 comments so far

  1. JBH on

    Nice Choices I have been playing this trentemoller track for a while now i sort of have a thing on collecting his remixes i only need about 4 to commplete the collection of what i know he has brought out and on white.

    delirium – silence – trentemoller remix being one of them so if you see it on your travels 😉

  2. Tauchsieder on

    The Daniel Stefanik song is actually “Missing Summer” and not the Mathias Kaden Remix. But anyway, “Missing Summer” is the best tune on this record.

  3. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Thanks for the head’s up!

  4. Michael on

    Dude the trentemoller remix is sweet love it thankyou

  5. gerv on

    oooh man. dying to hear that swayzak remix of larry head. any chance of a YSI link? or a re-upload?!

    sorry about that – wish i’d seen this ages ago!

  6. Michael on

    swayzak for chillout!
    t-shirts wien dexflu.eu

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