Clove nemesis

Lots of talk about “Feuervogel,” the new hit track from Solomun & Stimming on Diynamic Music. The whole single is rather stunning, in a carefully considered and ornate manner which has really given anthems their crowns over the last year or so (see: “Mouth to Mouth,” “Rej,” etc). Perhaps more than the single itself I’m amazed how quickly the dance blog scene picked up on this track and universally stamped it approved (or at least within the blogs I’ve seen discussing it). Are we all on the same wave length or is this song just waiting for this critical embrace? In this case, I’d wager it’s a bit of columns A and B.

The Viewers, “Blank Images” (Lazy Fat People remix) [Audiomatique Recordings]

Andomat3000 & Jan, “L Delay” [Cadenza]

Len Faki, “Die Rumpelkammer” [Podium]

Patrick Pulsinger, “Try to Do!” [Compost Records]

All the ambitious steam I had built up in anticipation of putting fingers on keys and clicking out a review was dissipated by a meal that turned my stomach. At least I enjoyed the meal; hard to beat pizza and New Castle on a budget, 30 minutes and zero desire to cook. Why do today what can be done tomorrow? Because I wanted it done tonight!


4 comments so far

  1. Sotek on

    Personally, I think “Eiszauber” is the best track on that Solomun & Stimming’s EP. Awesome stuff.

  2. alex on

    that Patrick Pulsinger song is great. I’m starting to feel like the name Patrick works best for gay black men.

  3. alex on

    oh snap, he’s white.

  4. Carlos on

    Indeed great ep, but to me the pick is Eiszauber too. Feuervogel sure works better in a club, but Eiszauber’s got that damn “music-I-always-wanted-to-listen-to” evocative traits…

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