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My review of Ed Banger’s Ed Rec Vol. 2 is now up on RA. It’s hard not to notice that the majority of releases of this nu-rave/French house revival have been receiving mediocre to poor scores from RA — and from myself in specific. And I’d like to believe it’s because they’ve earned them instead of some bias against the sound. There have been a handful of artists — Justice, Guns N Bombs, Digitalism, SebastiAn (occasionally) and Mr. Oizo (likewise) — whose style has wowed me by pushing farther from the key signifiers of the genre. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been digging deep enough, but it seems the rest of the acts I’ve come upon who are riding this new sound into the ground, well, are doing just that. And with Kitsune and Ed Banger (and Turbo Records, I guess) as popular as they are, everyone and their brother is trying to get their hand in the So_Me designed cookie jar. Not a huge surprise, but it hasn’t meant a proportionate swell of great records. I guess that’s how it should be, though it still feels weird, almost narrow-minded, to have such consistent critical opinions about a genre. Anyone reading know what the scene was like when this movement first grew legs in the 90s?

Oliver Koletzki, “Don’t Forget to Go Home” [Stil Vor Talent]

Heiko Laux, “Ornaments” [Kanzleramt]

Shinedoe, “Seek and You Will Find” [100% Pure]

CCCP, “Cosmodrome Baikanur” (Sleeper Thief Mix) [Sixty Four Records]


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  1. Dunford on

    We got “Ed Rec 2” in at the station not too long ago. I mostly agree with what you said, especially with Justice and Digitalism, but I also think that Kavinsky does some really interesting work (maybe “entertaining” is a slightly better word than “interesting”). I guess he’s not on Ed Banger but I’ve always identified him with a similar scene.”

    That Shinedoe track is fantastic.

  2. Matt on

    Love the Heiko Laux track and the Oliver Koletzki = WOW! Thanks for sharing. And yes to all that you are saying about Ed Rec and Kitsune. I really liked Zongamin’s “Bongo Song” and that’s about it.

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