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Face the facts

Though it’s presented in a hugely (but lovingly) shortened form, here’s an interview I did with The Juan MacLean for New City.

Ten City, “That’s the Way Love Is” (Sydenham & Tiger Stripes remix) [Ibadan]

The Nightwriters, “Let the Night (Use You)” (Club mix) [Simply Vinyl]

M.A.N.D.Y., “Put Put Put” (Tobi Neumann remix) [peace to Psycho BBQ]


Arise from your slumber

Swat Squad vs. Paul Ritch, “Natural Gun” [Resopal Schallware]

Closer Musik, “Mir” [Kompakt]

Jeff Samuel, “The Cave” [Trapez]

Look yourself in the eye

Kudos to dancenurbones

Tiger Stripes, “Hooked” [Liebe*detail]
Liebe*detail continues its streak of fine releases with this new single from Tiger Stripes and Solomun. The latter’s contribution is nowhere near as noteworthy as “Hooked,” a charged house tune by Tiger Stripes which bounces marbles of chiming melody on a pulsing “Full Clip”-like synth riff (similar in rhythm and repetitiveness, though less prone to swallowing up dance floors). The impassioned vocal sample imploring the DJ to quit the funny business and “bring the hook” is catchy and a nice homage to the exemplar house vocals. Tiger Stripes (aka Mikael Nordgren) also keeps the tune to under seven minutes — a welcome decision when so many extend their work far beyond its welcome. Expect this to be rinsed in the numerous house sets you’ll be hearing this summer.

Bernard Fevre, “Molecule Dance” [L’Illustration Musical]

Nathan Fake, “Fell” [Border Community]

Threadbare and crammed

Photo by Lauren Kornman

Holger Zilske Meets Dave DK, “Mono Rain” [Playhouse]

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, “Der Mussolini” [Virgin Schallplatten GmbH]

Partial Arts, “Trauermusik” [Kompakt]

Speak the truth better than any language

Concentrate… concentrate: Luciano @ DEMF

The beast is finally unleashed! My comprehensive review of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (complete with quickie interviews) is now up on Resident Advisor. Easily my favorite piece of any I’ve done for them thusfar. Hopefully you’ll enjoy as well.

Cobblestone Jazz, “W” [Cocoon Recordings]
The boys over at Random Circuits have already gone down this road, but its quality (and a friendly reminder, thanks J) has prompted me to give it my rating as well. Its snub-nosed bass line is strikingly funky in spite of its concise nature, providing the footsteps for the disembodied, vocoderized vocal. The step-like progression of broad ambient planes brings the tune to a clear-headed peak over insistent a shimmy and shake house rhythm. In case you needed another reason to pick up Cocoon Compilation G, this is quite possibly its greatest selling point.

Heiko Laux, “Invasion” [Art of Perception]

Shahrokh & Sound of K, “Chicago” [Compost Records]

Somewhere in the night

Daydream, “Petrichor” [none]
A talented and accomplished young producer [full disclosure: my boyfriend] sent me this track earlier this week and I knew I had to share it with readers. Mark has been making music since just before I met him, and while many of his productions were quite good, “Petrichor” stands taller than all that came before it. Its racing-heart synth line dances with its twin astride martial percussion. A foggy voice beckons from above and sends clear-headed synth progressions that lifts up dancers then lets them float away. Though it’s too short to be a proper dance single, I could see this played out if given an in-the-mix stretch with the right looping. I might even try it myself in one of two forthcoming mixes I’ve been commissioned to do. Anyway, please share your thoughts on the tune and I’ll pass them along.

Green Velvet, “Coitus” (remix) [F-111 Records]

Jamie Anderson, “Time Is Now” (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Mix) [NRK Sound Division]

Before you go

Motorcitysoul, “Kazan (Exit Cube)” [Aus Music]

Philippe Cam, “Western” (Salz remix) [Traum]

Gill Norris, “Forme” (Daso Mix) [Precinct Recordings]

Rush of blood

Fountain in Hart Plaza, Detroit

Elon, “Tamingo” (Rekleiner Mix) [Infant Records]
This took a few listens for me to get into, something I’ll admit I don’t always take the time to do with all the new tunes passing my way. Something was nagging at me to go back and I’m glad I did. It’s a wealth of skeletal house beats and supple tom rolls, its solitary bass line completing phrases with a simple authority over the vocal snippets; true Rekleiner charm. At times it reminds me of Trentemøller at his least histrionic, offering a drier wit at a similar intensity. I have a feeling Infant Records could end up being the label to watch for low profile heavy hitters just waiting, being set on the tee if you will, for a larger label to distribute the smash (as evinced by Simon Baker’s “Plastik”).

Aril Brikha, “On And On” [Transmat]

DJ Herr, “Litte Me” (U Make Me Feel Junior Lopez Mix) [Acktivism Recordings!]

My review of the new Black Devil Disco Club dub/remix comp is now up on RA.

How did we get here?

Joris Voorn, “Minor” [Green] (thanks, sweetie!)

Andreas Fragel, “Icon” [Traum Schallplatten]

James Holden, “Corduroy” [Border Community]

Aiding and abetting

Henrik Schwarz, “Walk Music” [Moodmusic] [purchase]
This is a mighty return to self-producing for Henrik Schwarz — his first single since last year’s mega-sized “Where We At.” And as much as I’ve been loving his remixes from this year, “Walk Music” trumps them all. The tune is a bit haunted, the host of a goosebump-raising apparition in the form of a backwards vocal sample. A thick, forcefully plucked bass line and popping house beat thrust below, with swirls of string section swells filling in any white space left on the canvas. Easily one of Schwarz’s more accomplished productions, it tugs dancers onto the floor by their hearts moves them with beautiful, deep melodies. I can’t believe this came out in March and I’m just hearing it now; what a fantastic piece of music.

Isolée, “I Owe You” (remix) [Playhouse]

Process, “Pelican” (SCSI-9 remix) [Trapez]