Akon throws heckler into the audience

Apparently the best thing to do to a 14-year-old who gets too excited and throws something at you is to pick him up over your head and body-slam him into an unsuspecting audience. No idea if the kid is pressing charges, but I hope he will. As a marginally-talented singer (with an irritating squeezebox of a voice, I might add) whose most noteworthy songs were written in lockdown, perhaps it’s for the best that he return to his “konvict” roots. Updates if I (or more likely Perez Hilton, who posted this originally) find them!

Update: Looks like the police have gotten involved.

Update 2: YouTube has taken the video down (which seems like a poor decision on their part, regardless of whom requested its removal), but the Poughkeepsie Journal has their own video of the event. Apparently no criminal charges have been filed, but given that this article (a good round up of the events and what’s happened since) suggests others hurt in the incident might be inclined to file civil suits against the kriminally rich singer.


2 comments so far

  1. Beat on


    That kid got what he deserved; he won’t do that again.

    On the other hand, Akon is a talentless hack, I hope he gets sued for all he’s worth.

  2. tazran bone on

    both of them made mistakes, akon will literally pay for his. damn that had to hurt.

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