(If you) Believe what you hear

ON-OFF, “Space Tokes” [ON-OFF]

The first track today comes to us from Stan over at ON-OFF, a blog I hold in high-esteem. I had no idea he produced (it’s always cool when music bloggers throw their hats in the ring), but he’s got quite a knack for it. Sez he, “it’s made with a broken Roland JX-8p and an Elektribe drum machine.” Its swooping fluorescent progressions face off with fleet-footed synth stabs and spacious claps, becoming a bit of a body-jacker as it progressively works itself into a froth. A bit spare and simple in a manner similar to some second wave Detroit techno. Honestly, I’m pretty impressed and rate this among some of the month’s best. Let’s hear more, Stan!

Mr. V, “Da Bump” (Âme Vs. Mr V Vocal Mix) [Vega Records]

Agoria, “Les Violons Ivres” (Extended Version) [Different, PIAS France]


6 comments so far

  1. alex pye on

    monkey steals the peach – maybe a new track name?

  2. matt on

    Loving the posts recently (well always, but you know).

  3. Chente on

    I just have to comment on that picture! Goes perfectly with the ON-OFF track 🙂

  4. cnyce on

    yo! Hillarious flick, had a long laugh over this one… yo, send me a proper email to charlie@soulclap.us, was wondering if you’d like to give us a mix to add to our podcast sometime?


  5. T on

    My jx-8p is not broken. Stan, you liar!

  6. Leah on

    stan sucks

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