Aiding and abetting

Henrik Schwarz, “Walk Music” [Moodmusic] [purchase]
This is a mighty return to self-producing for Henrik Schwarz — his first single since last year’s mega-sized “Where We At.” And as much as I’ve been loving his remixes from this year, “Walk Music” trumps them all. The tune is a bit haunted, the host of a goosebump-raising apparition in the form of a backwards vocal sample. A thick, forcefully plucked bass line and popping house beat thrust below, with swirls of string section swells filling in any white space left on the canvas. Easily one of Schwarz’s more accomplished productions, it tugs dancers onto the floor by their hearts moves them with beautiful, deep melodies. I can’t believe this came out in March and I’m just hearing it now; what a fantastic piece of music.

Isolée, “I Owe You” (remix) [Playhouse]

Process, “Pelican” (SCSI-9 remix) [Trapez]


3 comments so far

  1. chris keyz on

    yeah well i seemed to have missed this too – thanks for the heads up – really digging it

  2. matt on

    The Schwarz is so, so nice.

  3. JBH on

    WOW This Schwarz is a bit tasty im shocked nearly everyone missed this one, im glad im hearing it now though


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