Rush of blood

Fountain in Hart Plaza, Detroit

Elon, “Tamingo” (Rekleiner Mix) [Infant Records]
This took a few listens for me to get into, something I’ll admit I don’t always take the time to do with all the new tunes passing my way. Something was nagging at me to go back and I’m glad I did. It’s a wealth of skeletal house beats and supple tom rolls, its solitary bass line completing phrases with a simple authority over the vocal snippets; true Rekleiner charm. At times it reminds me of Trentemøller at his least histrionic, offering a drier wit at a similar intensity. I have a feeling Infant Records could end up being the label to watch for low profile heavy hitters just waiting, being set on the tee if you will, for a larger label to distribute the smash (as evinced by Simon Baker’s “Plastik”).

Aril Brikha, “On And On” [Transmat]

DJ Herr, “Litte Me” (U Make Me Feel Junior Lopez Mix) [Acktivism Recordings!]

My review of the new Black Devil Disco Club dub/remix comp is now up on RA.


2 comments so far

  1. tazran bone on

    hart plaza, tones of home. nice touch with the line of port o’ johns in the background juxtaposed with the active fountain…i gotta go piss.

  2. nandote on

    fantastic your blog!!!


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