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Kudos to dancenurbones

Tiger Stripes, “Hooked” [Liebe*detail]
Liebe*detail continues its streak of fine releases with this new single from Tiger Stripes and Solomun. The latter’s contribution is nowhere near as noteworthy as “Hooked,” a charged house tune by Tiger Stripes which bounces marbles of chiming melody on a pulsing “Full Clip”-like synth riff (similar in rhythm and repetitiveness, though less prone to swallowing up dance floors). The impassioned vocal sample imploring the DJ to quit the funny business and “bring the hook” is catchy and a nice homage to the exemplar house vocals. Tiger Stripes (aka Mikael Nordgren) also keeps the tune to under seven minutes — a welcome decision when so many extend their work far beyond its welcome. Expect this to be rinsed in the numerous house sets you’ll be hearing this summer.

Bernard Fevre, “Molecule Dance” [L’Illustration Musical]

Nathan Fake, “Fell” [Border Community]


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  1. Sotek on

    Man, Liebe*detail is on fire. Definitely one of my top 5 labels at the moment. The stuff they’re currently putting out is simply mental..

  2. znrR on


  3. e-heavy on

    that tiger stripes is serious. rinssssiiiiing!

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