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Inarticulate defense

Cassy, “Somelightuntothenight” [Beatstreat] (buy)
Stunningly simple, “Somelightuntothenight” is just a holding piano pattern, ticking percussion and tottering vocals quietly scatting to themselves, occasionally spitting out “You cannot deny!” to anyone in earshot. And because it’s spread over nearly 11 minutes without losing its impact, it’ll make a great DJ tool to dart in an out of the warm-up section of a set. There’s no denying this will end up in a great many crates this summer.

Riley Reinhold & Steve Barnes, “Count” [Trapez] (buy)

Sasse, “Loosing Touch” [Moodmusic] (buy)

Notice: This article has been edited from the original, which started with an unfair, unsubstantiated rumor about the author of this track. I regret the decision to publish this rumor and will strive to avoid such confusion in the future.


Slip it out

Jahcoozi, “Ali McBills (Robert Johnson 6am X-Ray Italo Rework)” [Careless] (buy)
Ata and Sasse had the right idea in morphing the tune’s iron lung dub into a disoriented mover and shaker, still woozy from drinking that barium & vodka cocktail. Sasha Perera’s dusky pipes are so effortlessly flirty and used in perfect proportion, nonchalantly standing above the moving sidewalk of synth arpeggios and heedlessly warped motifs. Ewan Pearson had the right idea kicking off his Fabric comp with this tune.

Black Science Orchestra, “Save Us (The Jam)” [Junior Boy’s Own]
I doubt I was the only person disappointed by the rather over-hyped “Free Your Mind,” Jay Haze and Villalobos’ most recent collaboration. For a tune that was supposed to embody carefree summer vibes, it lacked zest and spontaneity; and that guitar solo, while well chosen, adds little from so far back in the mix. By contrast, the Black Science Orchestra seem to have written muggy good times straight into the DNA of “Save Us,” and “The Jam” version reminds us where an arcing fuzzy guitar solo belongs: all over the place. Even the (mercifully short) sax solo can’t bog down this track, which will likely appear in as many house mixes as I can record. Leave it to the classics!

Daso, “Daybreak” (Jona remix) [My Best Friend]
A friend and I were talking the other day about how under-appreciated Daso was, which prompted me to browse through his releases and find this. Jona is a kind butcher to the track, more of a parent cutting bite size pieces of meaty synths with boxcutting percussion. A lean cut for a choosy dance floor.

You will be missed

A photo can hardly capture how big Brandon Kitchens truly was. Photos provided by K. Schuster & Andy Mason

Âme, “Tonite” (Dub) [Sonar Kollektiv]

Berovic & Leicher, “Tränen Der Zeit” [Audiomorph]

Blackjoy, “Moustache” (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) [NRK Sound Division]

Got caught

Patrick Pulsinger feat. Snax, “The Clap!” [Compost Records]

Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme, “Draw Halycon Days” [Musik Krause]

Jens Zimmermann, “‘Tranquillité” [K2]

Keep scraping away at it. Leave past methods, practices, habits behind and shed a little skin. And most of all (*best Tim Gunn voice*), make it work.

Escapism for good cause

Different, “Caring Arms” (Jesse Somfay remix) [Kupei Musika] (peace to 24:Hours)

Ron Trent, “Sometimes I Feel Like” [Peacefrog Records] (for Ronan, who wrote of deep house for RA)

Marcus Nikolai, “Wheelsucker” [Perlon] (I was an inch away from posting SUNSHINE Ibiza house)

Taken out and shot

Voom:Voom, “Oggi” (Wahoo remix) [G-Stone Recordings]

Blunted Dummies, “House For All” (original mix) [Definitive Recordings]

Arno Cost & Arias, “Magenta” [C2 Records/CR2 Records]

Commentary on this forthcoming.

It came from my basement

The above is what happens when your father builds guitars for people and they want to publicly thank him. Cheers, Dad!

Matthias Meyer, “Voltage” [liebe*detail]

Prototype 909, “Devil Dog” [Sonic Records]

Stereotyp, “Over” [G-Stone Recordings]

Slink and sway

Andy Stott, “Boutique” [Modern Love]
Not quite new, but Andy Stott’s full-length debut, Merciless, definitely deserves another look. Stott sews together dark dub instincts with Detroit chords and crackling atmosphere like a meticulous bedroom surgeon, occasionally venturing into dubstep territory if not for the languid tempo (chilling ambient and piano pieces are also aces). “Boutique” is one of my favorites on the album and also the most straightforward. Its caramelized stabs of melody and Detroit-praising bass line square off with clamoring hi-hats and stuttering percussion which calls to mind a flip-book in motion. Also recommended: his new Massacre EP, also on Modern Love.

Quadrant, “Disgravity” [R & S Records]

M.I.A., “Watching the Time” [Trapez]

I wanted to quickly thank Phil Sherburne for including a link to my article about dubstep in Chicago in the sidebar of the latest Earplug. Glad to see someone else enjoyed it!


Robsounds, “QF736” (Original mix) [Audio Invaders]

Schneider TM, “Frogtoise” [Mute]

Dennis Ferrer feat. Tyrone Ellis, “Underground Is My Home” (Instrumental Version) [Defected]

Remember the Trojans

Naughty, “World of a Woman” [Moodmusic]

Theo Parrish, “Sweet Sticky” [Peacefrog Records]

Mathew Jonson, “Marionette” (Live Version) [Wagon Repair]

Birth School Work Death has a new tune by Harri & The Revenge called “Lunar Tune,” out on the rambunctious and constantly churning Five20East. Make sure to check it out.