Little White Earbuds June Charts

Picture from the enduring Space_ghetto, in its new, more NSFW home

I couldn’t do Hits and Misses this time around because June was a damn good month for techno and house — something I could get used to. Order is more or less random. Some of the unlinked tracks will still have live links in the backlogs for a short time more, so get downloading.

01. Paul Kalkbrenner, “Altes Kamuffel” [BPitch Control]
Kalkbrenner finds the best way to bring back trance is to frame it in spidery Ashra guitar licks and twinkling keyboard patter, then just bulldoze ahead with a few carefully charted tonal shifts. Like its producer, this track is not to be slept on.
02. Blaze, “Lovelee Dae 2007” (Subsky Reconstruction) [Vivid Trax]
Not that this hasn’t been remixed to bits, but you can tell a good revision when it’s better than Pepe Bradock’s efforts. Turkish producer Subsky’s revision is atmospheric in an appropriately uplifting manner and timely in the light of deep house’s resurgence.
03. Mark August, “Old Joy” [Connaisseur Recordings]
Half of a great single, “Old Joy” shows off some retro flair, drawing together strains of, daresay, LFO with a 21st century vibe. (Ronan does a better job describing it.) Mark August is writing himself in the right direction and leaps off the success of “Warm.”
04. Heckmann & Kauffelt, “Sommersause” [Karton Schallplatten]
Heckmann and his collaborators are having a hell of a 2007 production-wise and “Sommersause” with Kauffelt is no exception. Here their laborious progressions provide small peeks at rough diamond motifs that chug underneath many others.
05. Henrik Schwarz, “Walk Music” [Moodmusic]
06. Cobblestone Jazz, “W” [Cocoon Recordings]
Ricardo Villalobos, “No. 1 Encuentro Latinoamericano de la Soledad” [white]
08. Tiger Stripes, “Hooked” [Liebe*detail]
09. Matthew Dear, Asa Breed [Ghostly International]
10. Siobhan Donaghy, “Don’t Give It Up” (Carl Craig Dub) [Parlophone Records]
11. Super Flu, “Tripple Mapple” [Traum Schallplatten]
12. Brendon Moeller, “Jazz Space EP” [Third Ear Records]
13. Roland Appel, “Dark Soldier” [Sonar Kollektiv]
14. Simon Baker, “The Fly” [Connaisseur Supérieur]
15. Chaim, “It Never Ends” [Love Minus Zero]
16. Daydream, “Petrichor” [none]
17. Dusty Kid, “Tsunamy” [Systematic]
18. Elon, “Tamingo” (Rekleiner mix) [Infant Records]
19. Afrilounge, “Cruisen” [8Bit]
20. ON-OFF, “Space Tokes” [ON-OFF]


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  1. Patrick on

    Steve guy! Do you read CRUD CRUD?

    I have found a lot of random stuff through this guy – it’s like WMFU’s blog with significantly less bullshit. Dig it!

    I am moving in next door to the Empty Bottle next month, after studying ceases. It’s a mandate to hang out.

  2. Patrick on

    PS I am glad Space Ghetto has been rescued from the draconian policies of LJ so that I may receive unfettered beauty/horror on the regular

  3. oubit on…26725250685ddf/
    This is moodyman vs roland clarke

    try it. Enjoy

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