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Photo by Chusovitin

Agnès, “Controversial Advantage” (Ripperton’s Game Set & Match remix) [Resopal Red]
Have to admit I’ve not heard the original for this fantastic remix, but something tells me I need to. Deeper than an excavation site, it kicks off with wide open finger snaps, tom rolls and an ear-hooking bass synth motif which grows fatter and steps closer to the forefront with each entrancing bar. This one should be kept at the front of a DJ’s crate for pulling club patrons on the floor with the quickness, while other producers on the sidelines mumble about a controversial advantage. Another rated release from Resopal and its sub-labels.

B12, “Bio Dimension” [Warp Records]

Half Hawaii, “Dir Nichts” [Hello? Repeat]


3 comments so far

  1. david on

    hey, just found this website last week, and its blowing my mind! thanks! really appreciating what you are putting together!


  2. Joe on

    The whole of Dumbles Debuts is fantastic. Worth a listen. Thanks for this remix!

  3. Dunford on

    Holy kermit, “Controversial Advantage” thumps. I rocked it in the office all morning adjacent to that Villalobos track from a couple days back. Can’t thank you enough/can’t get the 12″ fast enough.

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