Remember the Trojans

Naughty, “World of a Woman” [Moodmusic]

Theo Parrish, “Sweet Sticky” [Peacefrog Records]

Mathew Jonson, “Marionette” (Live Version) [Wagon Repair]

Birth School Work Death has a new tune by Harri & The Revenge called “Lunar Tune,” out on the rambunctious and constantly churning Five20East. Make sure to check it out.


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  1. AndiChapple on

    hi – where am I, a week and a half behind with your posts? still, this is great. I really like the way you put in tunes for context, it makes me smile to listen to the Parrish after the Jonson. the Naughty track had a nice feel to it, but I didn’t like the actual notes, if you know what I mean; the Jonson track is lovely, once more I could sink into his billowing clouds of noodle. thanks again, and I hope the weather in Chicago is better than in NW England! cheers, Andi

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