Slink and sway

Andy Stott, “Boutique” [Modern Love]
Not quite new, but Andy Stott’s full-length debut, Merciless, definitely deserves another look. Stott sews together dark dub instincts with Detroit chords and crackling atmosphere like a meticulous bedroom surgeon, occasionally venturing into dubstep territory if not for the languid tempo (chilling ambient and piano pieces are also aces). “Boutique” is one of my favorites on the album and also the most straightforward. Its caramelized stabs of melody and Detroit-praising bass line square off with clamoring hi-hats and stuttering percussion which calls to mind a flip-book in motion. Also recommended: his new Massacre EP, also on Modern Love.

Quadrant, “Disgravity” [R & S Records]

M.I.A., “Watching the Time” [Trapez]

I wanted to quickly thank Phil Sherburne for including a link to my article about dubstep in Chicago in the sidebar of the latest Earplug. Glad to see someone else enjoyed it!


2 comments so far

  1. JBH on

    Merciless Is excellent, will be checking out his new ep.


  2. AndiChapple on

    hi – again, a well-chosen trio. I prefer Andy Stott in speaker-chewing mode myself, but this is pretty and you make the connections very interestingly to the old school and the, er, recent school. cheers again, Andi

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