Little White Earbuds July Charts

Artwork by Heiko Kiendl-Müller


01. Andy Stott, “Massacre” [Modern Love] (buy)
File Stott in the “Can Do No Wrong” folder, as each of his releases continues to push the envelope and the punters onto the dance floor. This is like two dubby sides of a coin duking it out and the winner is everyone with ears.
02. Stereotyp, “Keepin Me” (Fauna Flash remix) [G-Stone Recordings] (buy)
The brilliant interaction between Sandra Kurzweil’s and the rounded-edge dub waves calls to mind the Basic Channel offshoot Main Street Records and one of my favorite series of records, Round One to Round Five. Moving because it leaves no other option. (Thanks for the head’s up, Ronan.)
03. Matt John, “Soulkaramba” [Bar25] (buy)
Whereas Villalobos’ “Encuentro…” was a effervescent block party, “Soulkaramba” is a crowded house party, full of good ideas which overlap quite comfortably inside the tune’s 13 minutes. And my god, that rubbery bass line is out of sight.
04. Naughty, World EP [Moodmusic]
DJ Naughty has been kicking around for some time but it’s taken this EP for him to gain a bit more recognition. Will you choose the delicate and succulent female side or the hard-nosed banger male side? Both could easily fit inside one set.
05. The Tuss, Rushup Edge [Rephlex]
It’s as easy as this: Richard D. James probably made these teeth-grindingly intense acid tracks and it’s heaps better than the first EP.
06. Len Faki, “Rainbow Delta” (Jerome Sydenham remix) [Ostgut Tonträger]
07. Agnès, “Controversial Advantage” (Ripperton’s Game Set & Match remix) [Resopal Red]
08. Cassy, “Somelightuntothenight” [Beatstreat]
09. The Mountain People, “Mountain003” [Mountain People]
10. Simian Mobile Disco, “I Believe” [Wichita]
11. Kerri Chandler, Computer Games EP [Deeply Rooted House]
12. Djinxx, “Be Quiet” (2000 and One remix) [Electrochoc]
13. Harri & the Revenge, “Lunar Tune” [Five20East]
14. Dusty Kid, “Psika” [Boxer Recordings]
15. Justice, “Newjack” [Vice Records]


01. Samim, “Heater” [Get Physical Music]
You could easily accuse me of hating fun for not being among this tune’s massive following, for not buying into its barn house romp accordion riff. But I ask you, good techno/house fans, do we really need “Cotton-Eyed Joe 2007”?
02. Italoboyz, “Viktor Casanova” [Mothership]
03. Justice, “D.A.N.C.E” (Jackson remix) [Ed Banger/Because Music]
04. Avus, “Fancy Arse” (James Holden’s Sunday Night Extension) [Perc Trax]
05. Anja Schneider, “Loop De Mer” [Mobilee]


16 comments so far

  1. samim on

    “Cotton-Eyed Joe 2007″?? First time i heard that, funny shit! I´m a fan of your blog, regular reader, supporter! Hate Heater as you like, as thats part of the joke and only magnifies the laughter (as long as everybody is outgoing vocal about there hate like you). I guess i am somehow glad that you didn´t put the track up for free download?! 😉 xx samim

  2. samim on

    and please upload the mountain people 3!!!

  3. Tal on

    Heater is a song about having fun by having fun. You really shouldn’t be so heavy about it. It’s a pop song, yeah, and it does what it does perfectly. Just like Nelly Furtado’s amazing ‘Say It Right’, or Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ do.

    Samim is a blogger, and ‘Heater’ is some sort of a post. The blogging is kinda his main thing, and the additional techno production prowess is a cool thing for itself. Put it in the right context. It’s internet music made for internet kids, that love his self-promoting youtube DJ’s-playing-Heater embeds, which are both hilarious and fucking cool.

    And that’s what ‘Heater’ represents to me. Besides that, love your blog Steve.

  4. Joe on

    I’m more surprised you’re not keen on Loop De Mer/Belize – or is it just the A that’s a miss? (I much prefer Belize…but the title track’s still pretty good).
    I haven’t heard that Stott track yet, so thanks for the info.

  5. Jason on

    Avus a ‘miss’? One of last year’s top tracks, and rmeinded me of some of the epic David Holmes remixes for Saint Etienne. Ah, good times…

  6. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Samim: Thanks for offering your support despite my distaste. Just to be clear, it’s definitely not personal and I’m glad you’re seeing success for it; just not my cup of tea. And credit for “Cotton-Eyed Joe 2007″ goes to my friend over at Mr. Somewhere, though I have to say it’s a pretty funny description.

    Tal: Howdy; long time no see. I’m definitely not taking the track too seriously. As you and Samim have noted it a fun tune that’s not afraid to be silly. For me, humor and techno rarely mix in ways that I want to hear. Efdemin’s “Just A Track” is about as humorous as I can handle. That said, when Claude VonStroke dropped his remix of “Heater” in his DEMF sets, I did bop around with the crowd.

    Joe: “Belize” is a bit more my style. I don’t like the timbres she chose for the title cut; her “Mer” is not one I want want to swim in.

    Jason: Can’t say I’ve ever heard the original, but the remix felt like holden stretched the tune like laffy-taffy across a tar-covered floor. The end result doesn’t justify its length.

    Doesn’t anyone want to talk about my hits?? 😉

  7. Cuban on

    Hits? No.

    Lets talk more about heater. lol. I dont like the track either, but I also hated Audion’s Mouth to Mouth and look what that did for Matt Dear. I personally love the remix of Original that Samim did and noone is talking about that. Its like making a silly track gets you noticed, is that the joke?

  8. adit on

    sorry, did u upload the wrong mp3 for andy stott’s “merciless”? because the file is actually “massacre”.

    thanks, great blog.

  9. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Good looking out, adit.

  10. mr. somewhere on

    not to continue on the “misses” point, but i do kind of like the remix jackson + computer band did for “d.a.n.c.e.” i was one of the weird-eared dopes that pre-ordered “smash” and the “rock on” single, so i’m biased — i really enjoy the sound, and i think the remix is handled in a style that might be plodding at times but is wholly complimentary to the blend of styles. both are doing the whole “durr” thing, but it’s the difference between trebly pop and the deepest, siqqest sounds to come off warp in a long time. i enjoy it.

    for many of those same reasons, i can’t get down with “i believe,” i just don’t know why. he’s got a great voice, but again, it’s a plodder, and despite how sweet the vocal may be, it’s not soul-stirring stuff.

    all that aside, “rainbow delta” could well be the track of the year.

  11. Beat on

    Bahahaha “Cotton Eye Joe 2007”!!!

    I too am no fan of “Heater”:

    Though, as I say, I do admire the unique sound it has.

    I have a feeling that the person who so vehemently defends the tune may be someone very close to Samim himself…

  12. Beat on

    By the way, in regards to techno + humour, I haven’t seen it work well much either, but Deetron’s killer mix of Detroit Grand Puhbah’s “Ride” always brings a puerile grin to my face and gets me dancing.

  13. matt on

    Loving the Andy Stott. Gorgeous stuff.

  14. undomondo » Weekend Reblog on

    […] Little White Ear Buds July mix, mostly minimal house/techno like Andy Stott, on other posts Jahcoozi, Kerri […]

  15. vitalik on

    I wont argue about Heater, though I think its an ok fun track, but its does gets on the nevres after awhile…but Avus – Fancy Arse (James Holden Sunday Night Extension)?? that was released in 2004! is a miss? It came out at the time when acid was doing rounds again a bit…and in fact its not even a remix, its just an extension of the main track if u didnt notice. Just added acid part that sounded pretty mighty on the floor. Id say give it another try …in another 3 years.
    Keep up the good work (well besides your misses list)

  16. vitalik on

    oh …and i do think b side of loop der mer (belize) is good , so is Lee Curtis remix of Italoboyz on “Viktor Casanova” 🙂

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