Cross your arms, we’re going down

Osborne, “Outta Sight” [Spectral Sound] (buy) Removed by request
One of Osborne’s more full-bodied tracks, this is from Spectral’s latest single b/w TNT’s “L8” (also worth checking out) and it’s ready to move and shake. Most of the heavy lifting is done by a dense weave of hand percussion, sighing synths and two independently-minded piano lines, a stuttered vocal hook lending a copy/pasted soul to the mix. “Outta Sight” recalls a classic house style closer to his previous tracks “Afrika” and “Hydragilm Exit.” Now I look forward to hearing the Luke Vibert remix and bundling this with Cassy’s “Somelightuntothenight.”

Le Knight Club, “Coco Girlz” [Crydamoure] (buy)


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  1. JBH on

    i prefer this one to the luke vibert remix you can get that over in our back cat.

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