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M. Rahn, “Stryx 08” [SIXONESIX]
Sometimes it’s best to play it simply and to the point, as M. Rahn does here on his Stryx Sessions release for net label, SIXONESIX. Gaseous synthy plumes are chipped away at by the binary counter-melody below, like a toothier Maurizio track with handclaps; or perhaps B12 stuck in Earth’s atmosphere. Slipped between Basic Channel worshipers Brendon Moeller or Andy Stott, this could be a serious mover on a dub-happy dance floor.

Tokyo Black Star, “Still Sequence” (Innervisions Version) [Innervisions]
If you can ignore that it uses the same chirpy motif as Martin Buttrich’s “Well Done,” the Innervisions version of “Still Sequence” is an organically deep treat. Innervisions wizards Dixon and Âme smooth out Tokyo Black Star’s latest and supply a growling drone, which, combined with its languid tempo, suggest a good track to warm up a crowd. While this EP might not be TBS’s finest moment, the good will and even better production skills of its remixers manage a worthy purchase after all.


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  1. todd on


    The discogs link for both tracks is identical. Here is the one for the Tokyo Black Star release:


  2. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Thanks for the heads up; my copy/paste was out of control.

  3. todd(2?) on

    no doubt this is the best blog going (random c’s #2)

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