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My Ripperton feature is now up on RA. This piece was — for one reason or another — months in the making, so I’m glad it’s finally available for all to read. It’s Ripperton’s first English interview/feature and I’m proud to say I was on the other end of the phone.

Danton Eeprom, “Ableton & Screaming” [Love Triangle Music] (buy)
Let’s look at this from a different angle. Imagine that kid who could do nothing on the dance floor except for one move, but he did it so well that each time it drew applause. Funnel that mental image through your ears. Danton Eeprom’s “Ableton & Screaming” is neither groundbreaking nor fancy, but its oft-repeated bass motif is a true hook. It’s playing in my head right now and I haven’t listened to it in days. And let’s not ignore the warm swells and colorful counterpoint pads which mark the end of each loop, both of which hang in the air after their initial impact to make sure listeners get an earful of the whole thing. I bet if this a DJ threaded this between more well known tracks it would prove a tactful stepping stone and might even draw a trainspotter or two.

Staffan Linzatti, “Quibble” (Efdemin remix) [District of Corruption] (buy)
If you haven’t had enough of Efdemin’s deeply-inclined sonic palate, look no further than his rework of “Quibble.” The submerged synth stabs, fawning ambiance and a barrage of hi-hat clatter suggest that Linzatti (confusingly credited here as Decoy Linzatti) put it on the tee for Phil Sollmann to punt into a dance floor near you. Anyone else anxious for Efdemin to get even housier?


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  1. jeremy on

    Guess who is going to see Efdemin tonight?



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