Wrong time for a belly shirt

Pan-Pot, “Charly” [Mobilee] (buy)
As the year wanes on, I’ve briskly approached my limit for tracks with pitched-down, sinister sounding vocals. “Where We At”: Epic, poignant and hugely enjoyable all at once. “R U OK?” Musically not my bag, but I guess the scene needed something to put a little pause in the debauchery. “The Grass is Always Greener”: A bit kitschy, bordering on piss-take, and acceptable only because someone needed to put Bob Ross on wax. “Lady Judy” just makes me want to listen to “Baby Judy” and forget Jay Haze tried to rip it off.

So it was with a bit of grimace that I listened to “Charly,” the first single from Pan-O-Rama, Pan-Pot’s debut album. It’s instrumentally intriguing, especially the interplay between the deep gulps emerging every two bars and the ascending riff crawling up your spine. And there it is again — the slurred baritone delivering a monologue about drugs. So instead of concentrating on the anxiety-stirring crescendo, I’m still rolling my eyes at the trite choice of vocal. Thankfully, the rest of the track is schlock-free, just jittery patterns to guide me through the last few minutes. I feel an artist can allude to drugs through their instrumental movements rather than narcotic nonsense. Perhaps Pan-Pot wasn’t just hopping aboard the affected train, but I’ve had my fill for the moment. (Feel free to jump me if I go back on my word, though; and check out Anja Schneider’s remix on the flip!)

Also, thanks to J.RA for the shout outs. Resident Advisor is nominated for best music magazine at the BT Dital Music Awards — up against NME! It would be a hoot if we won somehow, so please, do as we say in Chicago: vote early, and vote often.


4 comments so far

  1. cris on

    not surprised to see the track slammed.
    I think it has a great movement to it vocals aside

  2. ilya on

    Can’t get enough of the pitched down vocals. Bring them on.

  3. Cuban on

    Pan-Pot are like gods amongst minimal techno producers. The way they put everything together is genius. Cant wait for the album. I havent listened to charly in full yet, I am waiting till I get the money to buy it. I know it will rock.

  4. James on

    Thank you! I’ve read a few reviews of ‘Lady Judy’ that never mentioned ‘Baby Judy’ (which is perhaps one of the oddest tracks in techno). Now I’ve been listening to my Accelerate records all day – who can beat Daniel Bell?

    And I’ll never get enough low-end vocals – they always anchor a track for me. Favorite track with vocals? Probably ‘Robson Ponte’ or ‘Losing Control’ – although Wolf+Lamb’s ‘The Itch’ is great because they’re so spare with it…

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