Republic of Upper Volta

A sign of influence

As much as I love Beatport, I rarely find myself trusting the playlists they hype or the people who binge on them. But sometimes you’re really bored at work and Beatport slips you an email of staff recommendations; you just have to look. Among other things, label manager Dave suggested “Ombala Mbembo” by Arto Mwambé. According to his Myspace, Mwambé is from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and his latest release, “Mudhutma!” (on Munich-centered Brontosaurus Records) is perfect for someone coming off a Moodymann bender. He starts right in with tension-laden string melodies, plucky whistles and a relentless female vocal loop. Highly recommended for those who pine for soul to overtake minimalism in modern deep house.

Arto Mwambé, “Noh Ngambebo” [Brontosaurus] (buy) (buy) (buy)

On the flipside is “Noh Ngamebo,” which expands Mwambé’s palate and gets my rating. Wrapping a cowbell jangle around a dark and meaty bassline and simple piano chords, the tune starts off rather low to the Earth. But it soon finds its feet at the arrival of zealous pads which attack and then mellow out. In other words, it’s a potential monster on the dancefloor. If you enjoy these tunes, make sure to get yourself a copy and check out Mwambé’s other tunes, which can be purchased here and here. Keep on eye on Brontosaurus (who were kind enough to lend me the track exclusively for one week only) as well, they’ve got a unique ear for talent.


7 comments so far

  1. JBH on

    Nice! been playing both Noh ngamebo & Ombal Mbembo really nice stuff. If you like these check out some of El Farouki’s music which is in the same league.

  2. tom/pipecock on

    this joint you posted up reminds me of an african influenced Metro Area jam. really nice stuff.

  3. terry miller on

    Great track!

    and major kudos to brontosaurus for being clearheaded enough to allow you to post it!

    good work l.w.e.!

  4. sodiumnightlife on

    man i’ve loved this guy since ronan played him on his show…absolutely great.

    ronan thought he might be a german pretending to be african for some reason….obviously not haha.

  5. […] it worth picking up. 05. Arto Mwambe, “Mudhutma!” [Brontosaurus] (buy) (buy) (buy) Have another look. 06. Kevin Saunderson, “Till We Meet Again” (Carl Craig remix) [Planet E] (buy) Have […]

  6. oliver on

    you should know, brontosaurus is from frankfurt not munich..

  7. oliver on

    check his new tracks for brontosaurus 06, you`ll love it..

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