Goo-gaws for a new century

Photo by Michael Turner

My apologies for the lack of posts as of late. Team LWE has been hard at work on a new site design and lining up some engrossing new content for the near future, which hasn’t left much time for day to day stuff. So here are a couple of thoughts about some recent releases in the meantime.

Gui Boratto, “Chromophobia (Remixe Part 2)” [Kompakt] (buy)
“Beautiful Life” was, by far, the poppiest tune on Chromophobia thanks to its sugary, guitar-led riff and the optimistic vocals, and this release gives Sascha Funke and Boratto himself another crack at it. And while the former stumbles and smashes the dynamic tune flat and mostly lifeless, the latter repositions it for strict dancefloor purposes, with more varied percussion and a longer wait for the anthemic vocal line. Worth it for big fans only.

Stimming, “Funkworm EP” [Diynamic Music] (buy)
Beardo-crossover? The wriggling bass guitar line is addictive and drenched in the warm minimalism exhibited by Villalobos and Luciano; the marimbas are cool nu-deep house if a bit trendy. Stimming is great at soaking songs in tension, as he does here with the sustained foghorn blasts and synth meltdowns, and then wringing it out. Not only that, he gets away with halting the song for a rumbling brass ensemble aside. I listened to bits of the other tracks on this EP and they sound promising as well. Another record in my basket with a Diynamic sleeve.

Kevin Saunderson, “History Elevate 1” [Planet E] (buy) (buy)
Planet E digs up two Saunderson classics and has Carl Craig and Loco Dice (Martin Buttrich, more accurately) throwing on a coat of new century polish. C2 strips down Inner City’s “Till We Meet Again” to jubilant, echoing vocals and a sensationally simple and grinding techno melody. About as peak time as one would expect of Craig, this one will have you protecting your decks when the kick drum finally shows up around 2:30. Buttrich understands “Bassline” was named that way for a reason and leaves the mammoth low end to roll around in peace. I actually enjoy the twittering, warbling effects and twiggy hi-hats more than the milky pads gently placed atop the roiling bass.


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  1. […] Stimming, “Funkworm” [Diynamic Music] (buy) Have another look. 02. Len Faki, “Odyssee I” [Podium] (buy) An offshoot of Faki’s own Len Series […]

  2. Planet E on

    please remove the MP3 of Carl’s mix of Kevin Saunderson immediately – I’m label manager for Planet E

  3. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Sure, no problem.

  4. […] Stimming, “Funkworm” [Diynamic Music] (buy) Have another look. 02. Len Faki, “Odyssee I” [Podium] (buy) An offshoot of Faki’s own Len Series […]

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