Bring on the dancing horses

Nick Solé, “World Dubbing” [Mojuba] (buy) (buy)
Mojuba, the label which brings this gargantuan record to your hands and ears, has stratified its vinyl fetish into different degrees of obsession, with a regular version, a limited edition regular version, and a “hurry the fuck up” limited color vinyl which is never to be touched — never. “World Dubbing” expands on the deep house aesthetic Solé has built with tracks on Mojuba and his own label, Nick Solé Trax, but on a planetary scale. Its mind-expanding dubs wash up against open-air synths with minor variations, a few more urgent elements stopping by to keep the 14-minute long behemoth moving including ethereal female vocals and distant crashes. A fine recliner would be a better place to hear this than a club, but that doesn’t make me like it any less. On the reverse is “Children,” a more mobile but just as lumbering track, all of which builds on a melodically palpitating bass line with viscus effects bouncing off its sides. It’s a bit spare, but a nice splashy track on a huge cannonball of a record.

Peter Grummich, “Another Day EP” [Sthlmaudio Recordings; out soon]
Grummich is hardly a new jack on the scene, having already released for Kompakt, Spectral Sound and Shitkatapult, but he’s still new to my ears. The title cut from his forthcoming “Another Day EP” for Agnes’ Sthlmaudio pushes a tight needling pattern through some fawning deep pads and occasional digital claps for a nice push-pull effect. “Another Day” is fine a building block for a modern deep house set. Its flipside, “What’s Up Adults,” is a bit too itchy and scratchy for my taste.

Uusitalo, “The Korpikansa EP” [Huume] (buy) (buy the album)
Sasu Ripatti has been rather prolific this year with new albums out as Vladislav Delay and Uusitalo, though it doesn’t seem his packed schedule has negatively impacted his work. The “Korpikansa EP” offers four club edits of tracks from his Uusitalo album, Karhunainen. Both the “Karhunainen” and “Satumaa” are smothered in warm-blooded pads and Ripatti’s characteristic sample kinks, though the former stands outs for its near-Italo arpeggio riff and the dense latter has the charm of a house track cranked out on vintage gear and pots and pans. Though the other two tracks struggle to live up to “club” designation, “Karhunainen” and “Satumaa” make the EP a valuable addition to a DJ’s bag. [Upon further investigation, it doesn’t seem as though the version I received was the final. Beatport’s “Korpikansa EP” includes three tracks, with “Karhunainen” missing and “Nälkälaulu” replaced with “Himo Perkele.” Though I can’t vouch for the whole album, that’s where you’ll be able to find my favorite cut on the EP, “Karhuaninen.”]


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  1. tom on

    there be no links!

  2. littlewhiteearbuds on

    I can’t offer downloads of these tracks without the labels’ permission. Ethics before freebies is the order of this court.

  3. jamescardis on

    ethical music-lover that i am, i sampled (for FREE!) the tracks from the Lucy EP, then purchased the ones I liked (original mix and mark august mix). you’re right on about that stuff, it’s great.

    the most recent (i think) peter grummich ep, on district of corruption, is also brilliant, so i’m looking forward to the new one… i might even buy it! on vinyl!

  4. jamescardis on

    ^ re: Lucy EP, sampled + purchased at Beatport, duh.

  5. […] 08. Nick Sole, “World Dubbing EP” [Mojuba] (buy) (buy) Have another look. […]

  6. […] 08. Nick Sole, “World Dubbing EP” [Mojuba] (buy) (buy) Have another look. […]

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