Something is getting us at least a couple places

Sure, Guns N’ Bombs single “Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere” came out months ago, but titled as it is, fans may forgive the lateness of its requisite music video. Shot with a video camera either rescued from a dumpster or an uncle’s basement by Senior (of the Junior/Senior duo), the blurry vid is choppily and looped for maximum laughs and creepy moments. As puerile as it is, watching Filip flop to the ground five times straight or Johnny Love striding across a field in Echo Park like a hipster flamingo is entirely fitting of both the group and the tune’s resigned theme. Hopefully they can muster the effort to put out another single sometime soon.

Also, I wrote a review of Justice’s recent live show in Chicago which is now up on RA, if you’re into that kind of thing.


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  1. trees on

    steps leading to lameness:
    1) no mp3 posting any longer

    the first is understandable, the second is truly abhorrent, and i can never believe any review i read on here ever again.

  2. littlewhiteearbuds on

    I’ve publicly defended and lauded Justice since I first heard them last year so I’m not sure how you’ve just started to notice this.

    And there will be mp3s after LWE molts and becomes 2.0. I’m saving up for a big launch.

    If anyone else wants to complain about the dearth of mp3s on this blog, please email

  3. trees on

    oh no, i understand the dearth of mp3s, and in fact sort of envy your position– your blog is big enough for labels/groups to notice! i’ve only gotten one request for removal of mp3s.

    and i was just being an asshole about the Justice thing. i just find their music cloying and unoriginal, and many of their fans bandwagon-jumpers who are willfully ignorant of dance music’s history (esp. in the US). but this is not you, so i apologize.

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